Company management manual

1、 Organization:
The company implements the general manager responsibility system, under which there are several deputy general managers who are responsible for the work of each functional department. Under the Ministry of Commerce, engineering department, material procurement department, comprehensive department and finance department, the specific division of functions will be determined separately.
2、 Organization management function
(1) Production management
For production organization and management, the company adopts the principle of project management, and takes the project as the unit for organization and management. The project department is in the charge of the project manager, equipped with relevant personnel, and organized under the unified leadership of the company.
(2) Production accounting
Take the project department as the accounting unit, carry out separate accounting, accounting content includes: material loss, personnel wages, business expenses. All expenses used for the accounting project (excluding the company's management expenses).
(3) Accounting method
From the beginning of the project construction organized by the project department, separate accounts are set up to collect the cost. After the completion, delivery and acceptance of the project, the financial department shall conduct accounting, analysis and summary, and put forward the financial analysis report.
3、 Organization and management system
(1) Financial management measures
It is necessary to establish and improve the corresponding financial system, account book and registration, establish hierarchical account book with the project as the unit, and conduct corresponding cost collection and accounting. The company establishes a general ledger and produces a monthly financial statement (profit and loss statement and balance sheet) and year-end statement, including all financial statements, preparation instructions and financial analysis reports. It mainly includes assets and liabilities, accounts receivable and accounts payable.
Reimbursement system: the company's financial reimbursement implements the reimbursement method signed by the director with one pen, and the reimbursement approval procedure. For the productive expenditure of a project, the project manager shall approve and sign it, the financial department shall review and sign it, and the deputy general manager in charge shall sign it, and then the general manager shall sign it. For nonproductive expenses without project, the reimbursement person shall provide the original voucher, which shall be signed by the general manager and submitted to the financial department for approval. If the original voucher is incomplete or there is no original voucher, it shall not be reimbursed.
Reimbursement method for purchasing raw and auxiliary materials: the purchasing personnel shall provide the original purchase invoice or corresponding purchase notes, and the project department shall issue the material warehousing form. The warehousing form must be signed by the keeper, and then signed by the project manager, and then approved by the financial department, and signed by the deputy general manager in charge, and then signed by the general manager before reimbursement. Otherwise, it will not be reimbursed.
Payment method of labor cost of project department: the payment of labor cost shall be in strict accordance with the construction content and unit valuation of construction assignment, and the completed quantities shall be declared with the signature of on-site keeper and project manager every month. After the review of labor and capital department, it shall be approved and signed by the person in charge of labor and capital, submitted to the financial department of the company for review, signed by the deputy general manager in charge, and then approved and signed by the general manager According to the specific provisions of the commission agreement, the keeper shall report the attendance sheet to the General Department of the company before the 8th of each month, and advance payment is not allowed on site.
(2) Project management measures
The company implements project management, and each project department carries out separate accounting, and formulates corresponding reward and punishment methods, so as to truly realize that the project manager has responsibilities, rights and benefits, organically combine responsibilities, rights and benefits, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the project department.
Project management procedures: after undertaking production tasks, the company establishes a project department, and the project leader selects other management personnel, organizes the preparation of construction organization design and other relevant documents, and submits them to the company for review. (the engineering department will analyze the quantity of the project)
After being approved by the company, the order for commencement is issued. The relevant functional departments of the company shall do their own work well according to the effective documents approved by the company, actively cooperate with the work of the project department, and ensure the normal progress of construction quality and construction period.
Project control: after the establishment of the project department, the project manager is responsible for the project and signs the corresponding responsibility agreement with the company to ensure the implementation of various economic indicators. The engineering department supervises the project, supervises the project quality, project progress, material consumption and other related contents, and puts forward rectification suggestions, so as to ensure that the project can complete the task according to the schedule on the premise of safety first and quality first.
After the completion of the project, the project department shall conduct self inspection together with relevant departments. After the self inspection is qualified, the project department shall submit the acceptance application report in written form, complete the acceptance data, and organize the project acceptance. After the project is submitted for inspection, the project accounts shall be settled. The financial department carries out project accounting, makes financial analysis on the project, provides financial reports, and carries out rewards and punishments.
(3) Reward and punishment methods:
These measures are formulated to mobilize the work enthusiasm of all staff, carry out all staff labor competition, promote the healthy and upward development of the enterprise, and give spiritual and material rewards to the staff and workers who have made contributions to the enterprise.
Scope of reward: for the employees of the company who work actively, work hard, and actively complete the work, they will be nominated by the leaders of the company and evaluated by the whole staff, and the advanced workers will be selected from all the employees every year to give spiritual and material rewards. The company will dismiss those who are not active, conscientious, irresponsible, unable to strictly implement the company's regulations, and still have no improvement after criticism and education.
Reward for the project department: for the reward fund put forward by each project department from the project profit, it shall be awarded to the members of the project department at one time. The general manager shall put forward the distribution plan for the payment of the bonus, which shall be approved by the general manager and then distributed by the financial department.
If the project department fails to complete the task according to the regulations and causes serious losses and waste, so that the project does not achieve the expected goal, the project department will not withdraw the incentive fund. For those who cause serious economic losses, the project department shall bear the corresponding economic punishment according to the signed responsibility agreement, and shall not participate in the evaluation of the company's advanced work.
In order to strictly enforce discipline, all employees of the company should fulfill their duties, firmly establish the idea of taking pride in the company, and put an end to the style of taking credit cards. For those who damage the interests of the company and enjoy their own benefits, they will be fined if they are light, and dismissed if they are serious.
(4) Leave system
If you ask for leave during working hours, you should implement the leave system. The leave application form shall be filled in by myself and submitted to the leader in charge for approval before implementation. The leave slip shall be managed by the labor and capital department. If you ask for leave, the average daily salary of that month will be deducted. Double the average daily wage of the current month will be deducted for absenteeism. The leave of all personnel of the project department on the construction site must be approved by the project manager. If you ask for leave, the average daily salary of that month will be deducted. Double the average daily wage of the current month will be deducted for absenteeism.
After the completion of the project, the staff of the project department will return to the company and pay the company salary according to the company's treatment standard, and the living allowance and accommodation fee will be cancelled. For the legal holidays stipulated by the state, the company shall follow the legal holidays. However, it shall be informed at any time according to the overall work arrangement of the company.
Chapter II provisions on payment for material procurement
(1) The finance department shall review the following items before making payment for material purchase.
Whether the approved material procurement plan submitted by the material procurement department of the company is consistent with the supply contract (batch procurement) signed by the company and the supplier, and has been approved by the project and department heads;
Whether the contents in the payment invoice and the attachment (including the acceptance form) of material purchase have been filled in clearly and correctly; check the current payment with the supplier, and verify the amount payable, the amount paid (including the deposit), the amount saved and the amount deducted for return, so as to ensure that the current declared payment amount is correct;
(2) No subcontractor (person) or cooperative operation unit shall sign material purchase contract in the name of project management department.
Chapter III post responsibilities of project management personnel
(1) Responsibilities of Project Manager
1. Project Manager: is the main person in charge of the project.
2. Be responsible for the overall work of the construction site, organize and formulate the construction schedule.
3. Organize the site management personnel to conduct technical exchange, organize and guide the construction, and urge the management personnel to strictly abide by the company's management regulations and construction specifications.
4. Organize and hold site meetings regularly, organize management personnel to summarize experience, find problems and solve them in time.
5. Supervise the construction quality and progress.
6. Deploy management staff to coordinate the relationship between different types of work.
7. Be responsible for handling the major affairs of the construction site and coordinating the relationship with the construction unit.
8. To be responsible for urging the project funds.
(2) Post responsibilities of technician
1. Technician is one of the main persons in charge of construction technology.
2. Assist the project manager and chief engineer to strictly implement the construction schedule, quality and safety plan.
3. According to the prepared construction technical data, make detailed technical guidance to the construction operators.
4. Summarize the quality and safety management work regularly.
5. Regular statistical analysis of quality and safety of each department.
6. Do a good job in the construction organization plan, material, machine organization and management plan, project schedule.
7. Complete the construction task with quality and quantity.
8. Complete the preparation of technical disclosure.
9. Organize and compile engineering data.
(3) Job responsibilities of construction workers
1. The construction worker is one of the main persons in charge of the project construction management.
2. Participate in the preparation of general construction schedule and monthly construction schedule.
3. Organize and implement the daily construction tasks of each type of work, and coordinate the construction force of each construction group.
4. Responsible for construction quality and safety.
5. Assist the project manager to propose the improvement of project quality and safety.
6. Comprehensively grasp the construction situation, and timely coordinate and deal with the problems.
7. Specifically responsible for the construction site safety work.
8. Participate in completion acceptance and final accounts preparation.
(4) Job responsibilities of safety and Quality Supervisor
1. Safety and quality supervisor is the main person in charge of construction safety and quality inspection and supervision.
2. Strictly implement safety rules and regulations.
3. Organize the training of safety awareness, safety technical knowledge, safety rules and regulations, and the induction training of new workers.
4. Regularly check the safety of electricity and water on the construction site, and turn off the electricity and water after the work.
5. The safety condition of machinery and its protective devices, all protective devices must pass the acceptance before they can be used.
6. Adhere to the principle of safety first. In case of contradiction between production and safety, obey the safety instruction, do not violate the rules, and supervise the workers to work according to the rules.
7. In case of any safety accident, the scene shall be protected immediately, reported immediately and actively participated in the investigation and handling.
8. Smoking is strictly prohibited at the construction site, and violators will be severely punished.
9. It is forbidden to cook food with electric stove, electric cooker, etc.
10. It is strictly forbidden for non electrical personnel to install and maintain electrical appliances to prevent electric shock accidents.
11. To prevent the damage of idle personnel, pay attention to the transmission of site keys, do not flow into the hands of irrelevant personnel.
12. At the end of construction every day, the doors and windows should be locked, the construction site should be inspected, and the preventive measures should be checked.
13. Special types of work, such as electricians and welders, should be checked for work with certificates, and welders should check the inflammables at the place where sparks splash before construction.
(5) Responsibilities of budgeters
1. Under the leadership of the person in charge of the Department, the budgeter implements the company's rules and regulations and work procedures.
2. Finish the job with quality and quantity.
3. Complete the preparation and summary of project bidding budget and quotation
4. Complete the internal and external settlement of the completed project.
5. Assist project manager in economic visa work during construction.
6. Pay attention to collect and keep the information and data about project budget (settlement).
7. Be responsible for the secrets of the company in charge, and do not take any information of the company away from the company without the consent of the leader.
8. Review project engineering and monthly progress report, and monthly progress report and material consumption of each labor party.
9. Audit the settlement quantities of each subcontract project.
10. Complete other temporary work assigned by leaders.
(6) Post responsibilities of documenter
1. The documenter is one of the managers of the project department.
2. Responsible for data compilation of project department.
3. Assist project manager.
4. Participate in the preparation of construction schedule, construction organization design and submit various monthly reports.
5. Participate in the organization of all kinds of manager visa, completion acceptance and final accounts preparation.
6. Draw as built drawings.
7. Assist to be responsible for daily contact with Party A's functional organizations and construction personnel.
8. Assist in the supervision and implementation of the basic management work on the construction site.
(7) Responsibilities of warehouse keeper
1. The warehouse keeper is the main person in charge of the handling, storage and supply of the construction site.
2. We should obey the leadership, strictly abide by discipline, stick to our posts and strictly prevent theft.
3. Keep the warehouse clean, fireproof, waterproof, dry and ventilated, and keep it in a civilized way.
4. Smoking and fire are not allowed in the warehouse. Inflammables and explosives are strictly separated and kept.
5. Fire prevention facilities must be set up, and fire-fighting equipment shall be placed in the open eye or at the entrance of the warehouse to ensure that there is a fire passage in the warehouse.
6. The goods in the warehouse are stacked neatly, the labels are clear, and the accounts and goods are consistent.
7. Strict acceptance procedures.
8. Carefully check the quality, quantity, variety, specification and color of products, finished products, semi-finished products and raw materials.
9. Do not enter the warehouse without certificate, do not enter the warehouse with incomplete procedures, do not enter the warehouse with inconsistent varieties and quantities, do not enter the warehouse with incorrect specifications and colors.
10. Carefully handle the registration procedures of warehouse in, warehouse out and account.
11. Collect product qualification certificate, quality certificate, paste and store by category, be careful of omission.
12. On site garbage clearance and transportation check quantity registration.
13. The registration of waste disposal is strictly prohibited, and useful materials are strictly prohibited to be disposed of as waste, otherwise ten times of fine will be imposed.
(8) Responsibilities of material purchaser
1. Under the direct leadership of the company manager, implement the company's rules and regulations and work procedures, and complete the work on time with quality and quantity.
2. Assist to make material purchasing and supply plan according to each construction project, and do material purchasing work in time after approval to ensure that the materials meet the design quality requirements.
3. Fully grasp the price trend of material market, conduct online inquiry, compare goods, pay attention to collection and sorting, and provide the company with real information of material price change.
4. Responsible for the accuracy of the type, specification and quantity of purchased materials. And be responsible for the quality of materials in purchasing and the timeliness of material supply. According to the requirements of the construction project, provide the certificate, inspection report, license and other relevant inspection data of relevant products.
5. Assist the material inventory and counting work of each construction project, so as to know the material inventory of each construction site well.
6. Master the material usage of each construction project, timely feedback and adjust the procurement plan and scheme.
7. Responsible for providing material samples, price, origin, specifications and information required in bidding.
8. According to the regulations, the reserve fund should be collected and written off with good professional ethics and no fraud is allowed. Materials, purchase reserve fund and other purchase expenses shall be collected and reimbursed in time according to financial regulations.
9. In the purchase of damage to the interests of the company to take kickbacks, once found ten times the fine and fired.
10. Be responsible for the company's secrets.
11. Complete other temporary tasks assigned by leaders.
Chapter IV provisions on payment for subcontract works
(1) The finance department shall meet the following conditions when paying for the subcontract project:
Whether the contents of the project payment approval form have been clearly filled in and approved by the competent department; whether the project payment has been received.
Generally, if the company does not receive the project payment from the owner or the general contractor, the approved subcontract project payment will not be paid.
(2) After receiving the approval form of project payment and confirming that the information filled in is accurate, effective and complete, the finance department shall audit the payment to be paid according to the Subcontract as follows

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