Code for procurement management of Harbin xinmingyang construction and Installation Engineering Co., Ltd

In order to standardize the professional material management behavior of the project management department and reduce the company's material cost, this material management specification is formulated.
1、 Each project department must put forward the demand for purchasing materials in advance, and the project manager shall make the purchasing plan and submit it to the company and the purchasing staff of each project department. The purchase of large amount or quota (10000 yuan) or more shall be reported to the company in time, and the head office purchasing department shall compare the price and coordinate the local purchasing staff to purchase.
2、 The project management department must carefully declare the procurement plan according to the actual needs of the construction plan. If the plan filling is not standardized and the purchasing information cannot be confirmed, the purchasing personnel have the right to refuse the purchase, and the project manager shall bear a series of consequences. The purchase plan and application must be signed by the project manager (electronic version can be uploaded). The project manager and relevant technical personnel shall be held responsible for the waste of funds caused by the company's excessive purchase of materials instead of careful calculation of quantities and oral purchase plan, and bear certain economic losses.
Buyer requirements:
1. Supplier selection: the supplier must have complete license and relevant qualification. The purchaser should know the true situation of the supplier, ask for the business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate and the original of relevant qualification when signing the contract, and then upload the copy with official seal to the head office.
2. Purchasing personnel must take full account of market cycle changes and inventory and other factors, and make material procurement plan with foresight. Ensure not to delay the progress of the project and enter the site according to the time required by the project management department. And be responsible for the quality of purchased goods and the safety of payment settlement. If the company's economic losses are caused by dereliction of duty, it shall bear the corresponding economic compensation liability.
3. When purchasing, the purchasing staff shall be in line with the principle of comparing the goods with the others, and purchase under the condition of excellent cost performance. The purchasing department of the head office has the right to check. If the purchase price is higher than the market price: when submitting the supplier's quotation, they collude with the supplier to raise the price, seek private interests or fail to compare the price seriously, which leads to the purchase price is obviously too high. If the situation is true after understanding, the purchaser shall bear the relevant responsibility on his own. If serious losses are caused to the company, it is necessary to investigate its legal responsibility at any time, depending on the situation.
Note to the custodian:
1. The storekeeper must carry out quality inspection on all the purchased goods delivered to the company according to the quality requirements specified in the purchase contract. Material list or certificate is required. If the quality and quantity are found to be inconsistent with the purchase plan, we have the right to reject them and report to the head office in writing. In case of economic losses caused by negligence of duty, the keeper shall bear corresponding economic responsibilities.
2. The storekeeper must keep clear accounts of the materials and put them in order. The purchasing department of the company has the right to inspect the warehouse and accounts kept by the storekeeper, and order them to rectify once they are unqualified. For those who fail to pass the second time, no less than 10% of the monthly salary will be deducted. If the safekeeping goods are lost or stolen, the safekeeper shall not only compensate according to the price, but also pursue the legal liability when necessary.
Note to financial personnel:
1. If the financial personnel of each project department do not have official seal, project manager's signature or Storekeeper's signature on the bills for purchasing materials and other expenses, they should refuse to enter the bills into the account or reimbursement. If illegal entry causes unnecessary economic losses to the company, the financial personnel and the parties shall jointly compensate according to the bill amount. The company will make corresponding deduction for financial personnel, that is, no less than 10% of the monthly salary.
If the procurement is not approved according to the specified procedures, the handling department and personnel shall be responsible for handling the case. If the purchase and sales contract has been signed with the supplier, the loss caused by the company's failure to perform the contract shall be fully borne by the handling personnel.
From now on, when all project departments sign contracts, they must be reviewed by Li Peng, deputy general manager of the company, and Hu Yinghong, manager of the purchasing department. In order to distinguish the contract and other documents, after receiving this notice, the sending place of all purchase contracts will be changed from the previous company mailbox to 。 This email is for company contract.
This process specification will be handed over to the project manager, purchasing personnel, financial personnel and safekeeping personnel for careful reading. It will take effect from April 2, 2012.
Harbin xinmingyang construction and installation Co., Ltd. reserves the right of final interpretation of this process specification.

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